February 11, 2020

The Class of ‘75 Continues with it’s Generosity!

Hello friends,

After a tremendous fundraising effort in 2015 , we wish to support Westmount High School again in 2020.

Our Alma Mater  continues to provide an exceptionally high level of public education and is doing amazing things for its students. These  scholars, from varied backgrounds, cultures,  ethnicities and economic status , have opportunities that only this public school can provide. Please visit their website to see how they continue to strive for excellence. https://duxvitaeratio.ca/ 

The school’s priorities include providing tools for their budding Robotics  Program, upgrading the audio visual equipment for the auditorium and providing new musical instruments. We wish to help them achieve these priorities. Please visit our webpage for details on how you can give generously to support our goal of helping WHS achieve the aspirations of it’s students. http://www.westmounthigh1975.com/45th-Reunion-Gift.htm

or click on the image below to go directly to the donation site:



Thank-you for supporting Westmount High School on Behalf of The Class of 1975,


Gawa  , Heather, Tami, Ronda, Shelley, John , Antony,  Cheryl, David , Jon , Maurice and David