February 29, 2020

The countdown to the WHS 45 Year Reunion has begun!

Dear Friends,

We are now just 3 months away from kicking off another amazing WHS reunion, May 29-31, 2020, and the pace of preparations is picking up!

A full weekend of activities awaits us with plenty of opportunities to catch up, hang out, reconnect...and, of course, party like it's 1975!  For full details and agenda, click here to visit the reunion web page.

If you have not yet done so, now is the time to register for all activities so that we can plan accordingly! 

Still sitting on the fence? Check out this video for a reminder and preview of the great times that await us!

Can't attend but would still like to participate in some way? Check out our fundraising initiative in support of our alma mater.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

  Gawa  , Heather, Tami, Ronda, Shelley, John , Antony,  Cheryl, Dave , Jon , Maurice and David    

PS: Below is a list of classmates for whom we're still missing validated email contact info. If you know how to reach any of them, please pass this email on and ask them to contact us at WestmountHigh1975@gmail.com  

  • Heather Astle 
  • Francois Belleau 
  • Lynne Bradley 
  • Stephen Buckle 
  • John Burgess (redhead)
  • Andre Caron 
  • Harry Charlton 
  • Frank Crooks
  • Barbara Darling 
  • Charlie Ewing 
  • Maureen Gerald 
  • Carl Hamilton 
  • Jennifer Jones  
  • V. Konieczko 
  • Freida Kuczmarski 
  • Karen Laport 
  • Jennifer Lee 
  • Andree Levie 
  • Michael Lewis 
  • Scott Mackenzie
  • Pamela Markland
  • Ken McCallum
  • Keith McKenna 
  • Keith Meadowcroft 
  • Kathleen Moyer 
  • Maureen Moyer 
  • Leslie Nemerever 
  • Caron Nightingale
  • Nancy Robinson 
  • Lynn Scott 
  • Joyce Tarbet
  • Eva Topko 
  • Mike Vivian 
  • Asako Yoshida 
  • Anita Dunn (Faculty) 
  • Liliane Jakimiec (Faculty) 
  • Howard Phillips (Faculty)                                             
  • Barbara Rhodes (Faculty) 
  • Rhonda Ross (Faculty) 
  • Jeanette Sharma (Faculty)      
  • Sylvia Wyjad (Faculty)